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How To Turn Your Blog Into A Book
by: Earma Brown

4 Steps To Turn Your Blog Into A Book TodayAre you ready to step beyond your blog into a book opportunity? If so, you're reading the right article. I love books! I enjoy reading them, writing and publishing them. I'm author of twelve print books and a host of ebooks. Five of them are book writing and publishing help books.

It's now a known fact 85% of all people want to write a book. It's also become known that from those 85%, only 2% actually accomplish that goal. Comparing the percentage, that's a very small percentage of people who become authors. Why not go against the odds? Join the elite few who accomplish their goal of writing a book. So, here's a few tips on how to turn your blog into a book.

1. Setup a good structure. Review your best blog posts for similarities and group them together. You probably already have them separated in great order when you formed your categories. If they are organized enough you might use your categories for chapters. Then to take it one step further, group your categories into sections of your book. At any rate, take your best and similar posts to form your book.

2. Brand your book. Perhaps you have already branded your blog. Now carry that same brand over to your book. You might even develop a book title that complements the brand of your blog. For example, my writing blog is I carried that same theme over to my books in the Write to Win Series.


3. Organize your posts. Your blog should already be organized by dates, topical categories or theme posts. Begin thinking book, chapter, section. I often apply one of Roger Parker's organizational tips to my blog turned books. You might like it too: Take ten related posts with ten points each. You can expand the post to this, if you don't have quite ten. Write an overall introduction and closing summary. Organize this well and you will end up with a short book of 100 points. 100 points that you can promote your book with.

4. Add extra content. Your goal is to increase the value of your material inside the book. You might wonder, why would anyone pay for a book of the exact same material from your blog? Good question! That might even be a difficult sell. For one, reading your insightful blog information inside a book is easier. Especially, since you have put the topics in excellent order through a table of contents. And to top it off, you have added value with some content that's not on the blog.

About Earma Brown

Earma Brown, 12 Book Authorpreneur, Book CoachEarma Brown, known by many as the Book Coach, “teaches experts and professioals who are impacting the world how to uplevel their message and mission with a saleable book.” Using her signature book 'Write Your Best Book Now' and writing course '100 Days To A Book', she is practicing what she preaches. She enjoys reading novels, writing books and collecting movies especially girlie movies...More Articles From Earma Brown


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