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How to Research Information for Your Book!
by: Earma Brown

How to Write a Book In 100 Days or LessHave you done any research for your book yet? You might say like a friend of mine said, “Earma, you’ve said very little about research.” Yes, I know I’ve been teaching you for months about using your existing body of information to write your book fast. That’s still true; but sometimes you might need to fill in holes with extra information to make your book more substantial. Today we’ll discuss some new millennium ways to fill your book with knowledge about your topic and banish any ignorance lurking around. Here are six fast and easy ways to use your knowledge and know-how as a power weapon to destroy the idiot called ignorance once and for all.

Educate oneself. Don’t be afraid of learning new things. Cultivate a hungry mind for knowledge. Become willing to search out the truth for your field or industry. Many times, I’ve discovered it simply takes a little extra push to find tid-bits of information that the rest of the crowd is overlooking. Others may be overlooking it because they are in a hurry or too lazy to take the extra effort. If you truly hate the treasure hunt for more information, take a class. Allow your teacher to do the hunting; you sit back, relax and learn.

Do the research. There are many tools and options for research in the new millennium. And yes, most of the tools can be found online or the informant is in the process of putting their archives online. Visit the trade journals of your industry, research websites, newspapers, books, library and even the newer ASK websites. Even if you start with the library, be sure to do a simple search on Google for information about your topic. Be more careful with your sources with information found through online searching. But don’t discount information just because you saw it online.


Use quotations and statistics. Well fitted quotations and statistics always up level the professional appeal of your book. Yes, it is mostly perspective. For a statistic alone does not make your book any better or worse. Yet, it seems to be a part of human nature, it’s a known fact we more readily believe a statement backed up by a statistic. So, look up some fitting quotes and statistics to support or prove a point. Sprinkle them throughout your book.

Document your sources. Record each source of information you use in your book, online or offline. Speaking of online sources of information, follow the trail to the original source. For example, if one of your competitors or colleagues wrote a great article about the topic of your book quoting a New York Times reporter, go to the NYT article and see for yourself. Then you too can quote the New York Times article or visit their source to gather additional information.

Delegate your research. Don’t think you have to do it all yourself. Use your talents and abilities at the highest level; then delegate or outsource the rest. You can even barter your premium talents for the tasks you don’t like doing or don’t have time to do.

Leverage existing research. No, I’m not saying be a copy cat. But, I am saying you can jumpstart your research project with information already gathered. Consider the books you already own on your subject; look for articles written on your topic or the list of websites found in your Google search. Review their notes, bibliography list or sources they cited. Make sure they are not outdated; then make a list that you want to visit for your research.

Don’t hold back anymore. You can stop saying you don’t know or know how. The time to finish your book is now. You have the right knowledge (your existing body of knowledge) and the know how to get what you don’t have. Get ready to learn and your teacher will appear. Finish your book faster with the research tips above and sell sooner.

Get Started Fast Book Writing Tip:

Take action. Do something toward your book writing goal before your head hits the pillow tonight or at least within 48 hours.

Here’s one way to jumpstart your book to completion.

Earma Brown is an expert in book writing, publishing and marketing advice. She focuses on innovative and unique techniques to helping others get their book written, published and ready to sell in record time. She has been successful in using new technologies in publishing her own twelve books and a few of her friends. Download Earma’s updated epackage Write Your Best Book Now for Aspiring Authors and Emerging Indie Publishers today with 15 bonus eBooks.

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Earma Brown, 12 Book Authorpreneur, Book CoachEarma Brown, known by many as the Book Coach, “teaches experts and professioals who are impacting the world how to uplevel their message and mission with a saleable book.” Using her signature book 'Write Your Best Book Now' and writing course '100 Days To A Book', she is practicing what she preaches. She enjoys reading novels, writing books and collecting movies especially girlie movies...More Articles From Earma Brown


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