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5 Little Book Writing Mistakes That May Stamp SILLY On Your Book!
by: Earma Brown

How to Write a Book In 100 Days or LessAre you making book writing mistakes that may stamp S.I.L.L.Y. on your book? If you're anything like me when I began writing books, you could be making mistakes so simple that you feel downright foolish.

Don't be embarrassed; the truth is we've all been there. Now you can put a stop to any S.I.L.L.Y. mistakes that hinder the success of your book. Here are five book writing mistakes and how to avoid them written into the S.I.L.L.Y. acronym. Put these principles into action and receive ship loads more book sales and double the success you were expecting.

1. Self-Absorbed Mistake. Oh, I know what you're thinking, here she goes again. Yes, some things are worth repeating. May I be frank? Don't be so into yourself. Find out what your audience needs help with before you write your book. Then write a book that fills their needs. Your readers will give you much love and buy everything you write. And better yet, your book will connect with people now and in years to come. All because, you decided to focus on what your readers want instead of what you want.

2. Ignorant Mistake. Stay in the game; don't get lazy. I mean don't just write what you saw someone else write including their sources. With any book you're working on check your facts for accuracy. Learn from your successes and failures; then share your experiences in your book through stories. Pull from the overflow of your life and you will make a stronger connection with your readers.


3. Leave Out Book Promotion Mistake. Start sharing about your book before you finish writing it. Simply put, book marketing is letting others know about your book. Paraphrasing a famous philosopher, you don't plant a luscious garden and watch it rot. Instead, you harvest it, feed your family and share it with others. You are doing the hard part of writing a book; now get a plan and share it with the world.

4. Lower Expectations Mistake. Many of us lower our expectations for ourselves. Don't do that; raise the bar! Be stricter on yourself than anyone else. Create a habit of excellence. Expect to write to the finish. Expect to write an excellent book that your readers will love. My vote says you can do it. No one else has your unique voice and message.

5. Yawn Mistake. Even if your book is a simple manual, do your best to write compelling copy. If you bore your readers, they may fall asleep and never pick up your boring book again. To write compelling copy, learn how to add engagement tools to keep your readers connected. Add stories, case studies and illustrations to help them apply your principles. Seek to connect with your audience in a meaningful and interesting way.

If you don't write a book filled with: benefits to your reader, accurate information, passion points, high expectations and compelling copy your message may never reach the readers it's destined to reach. Avoid writing a S.I.L.L.Y. book filled with the mistakes above; capture the interest of your audience and get your book read. Best wishes for your book project!

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