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Why Write An Ebook First?
by: Earma Brown

10 Reasons To Write An Ebook FirstWhat's the easiest way to publish information in the 21st century? Currently, the Internet is one of the easiest ways to publish your information. Whether you publish a simple idea through an article, blog post or you release a full length informational book that hundreds are looking to read. The easiest place to start connecting with readers is online.

With that said, writing an eBook has become a huge trend for authors, writers and entrepreneurs. It's evident that eBooks can easily go viral. There are many reasons every author, business, professional and writer should create an ebook. The top reasons are credibility, exposure and money. Here are seven reasons you should create an ebook first:

1. Shorter
Write and publish a short e-book first to test your market. I know short doesn’t mean the same thing to every person. For e-books, let’s agree 10-90 pages is short, even 5-27 sounds less intimidating, if you want to get started this week. Your future customers are busy and usually download only the pages they want at the time.

2. More Compelling
Make your e-book simpler, shorter, and punchier than your print book. Shorten your sentences, stories and analogies. Your winner format will include a strong heading (question) your reader needs answered and the answer. This winner formula presents the problem and solution quickly without a lot of words.

3. Faster
Since, you can make it shorter, it’s faster to write an e-book if you know how. People surf the net daily looking for practical information and knowledge that you have. Don’t let your ideas, knowledge and expertise fade away. Put it to work for you in an e-book.


4. Credibility
As an expert you want to build credibility more and more. One of the easiest ways to build credibility is to create an ebook filled with your unique and valuable information. Remember most times, credibility is the deciding force that causes people to choose one professional over another.

5. Exposure
For some, ebooks like blogs are an easy way to express themselves. While others look at it as an easy way to gain a huge audience, the world. HOW-TOs and non-fiction in general lends itself well to ebooks. Nowaways, with the popularity of the ipads and tablets, novels and other nonfiction ebooks are flying off the virtual shelves.

6. 24 Hour Access
One of the great things about publishing an eBook is the fact that anyone, at any time, any place can purchase and download your ebook. You don’t have to pitch to an agent or a publisher or even deal with stores, if you don't want to. You simply upload it to your site or someone's site, promote it, and let the downloads soar.

7. Money Opportunities
Whether money is made directly or indirectly, many people publish and sell their eBooks on their website. Even though most ebooks are free, there are still opportunities to make money with your ebook. Especially, if your ebook reveals an easy solution to a vexing problem or makes simple a complicated task.

8. Hone Your Skills
Most ebooks are shorter and offer a lighter treatment of the chosen subject than a full length print book. To distill your information down to a shorter version forces you to develop your skills of writing focused and to-the-point information. You will discover how to break down your information into bite size pieces.

9. Build Buzz Around Your Brand
Writing an ebook gives you another opportunity to build buzz around your brand. We already know your ebook will build credibility. Now you can raise awareness and increase visibility in your field.

10. Create Good Will
You can use your book as a free gift to your new clients and customers. Or use it as an incentive to sign up for your newsletter, blog or membership. Or consider offering it as a loyalty or mile marker accomplishment gift.

If you don't act now with putting your information into an ebook, you may end up this time next year still wondering if an ebook will make any difference in your bottom line. Now is the time, while the popularity of ebooks are still trending upward. Join the Informatin Revolution and publish your own ebook online. Make it different. Make it count. Make it yours.

One good way to start:Ebookitology Ecourse & Membership with illustrated step by step instructions.

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