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40 Reasons Why Every Writer Should Write An Ebook!
by: Earma Brown

Did you know ebooks are trending upward? What I mean is according to some experts ebooks are in a growth pattern for the next few years. In a report by Forrester Research (Making Leaders Successful Every Day, November 5, 2010), ebook buying is about to spiral upward. The forecast predicted the upward spiral set to nearly triple by 2015 to $2.8 Billion. So far, the pattern has been holding true. If you are a writer and you've been writing, here's forty reasons every writer should create an ebook now.

  1. You have the competitive edge; you already write just form your writings into an ebook.
  2. Repurpose existing body of information; theme and put into ebook.
  3. Group your blog post into a theme and form your ebook.
  4. Add the prestigous title author to your about page.
  5. Sharpen your writing skills with focused writing and condensing your information for ebook.
  6. Spread good will by offering your current clients a loyalty gift.
  7. Create your ebook as an incubator for the ideas you are most passionate about.
  8. Create more than one ebook knowing one might go viral. It could happen. (smile)
  9. Get feedback on your proposed solutions.
  10. Learn how to chunk your information into bite-size pieces.
  11. Raise awareness for your cause or your product.
  12. Make an Amazon Kindle version to create another income stream.
  13. Offers opportunity for others to review and generate affiliate income.
  14. Gives your colleagues a reason to interview you.
  15. Create 24 hour access to your information with an ebook.
  16. Invite readers in your ebook to validate your counsel.
  17. Why Every Write Should Write An EbookUse PDF format first because PDFs are a near-universal format and usually small in file size.
  18. Use your ebook to learn how to launch a product – free or paid.
  19. Inspire people to join your tribe.
  20. Offer an answer to a vexing problem.
  21. Build an email list with your ebook as an incentive.
  22. Create a network of affiliates who will promote future products.
  23. Use as great excuse to throw a Twitter party.
  24. Discover which ideas resonate with your readers.
  25. Showcase your commitment to your field.
  26. Build buzz and awareness of your brand.
  27. Build your reputation as a thought leader for your industry/niche.
  28. Become famous for your excellent and compelling content.
  29. Gives you a important reason to interview main authorities in your industry.
  30. Build more credibility in your business.
  31. Presents a reason for celebrities in your field to talk about you.
  32. Allow prospective clients to sample your work before hiring you.
  33. Offer your ebooks as a thank you gift to new clients and customers.
  34. Bundle ebook with your service to boost sales.
  35. Create a package offer using your ebook and other product.
  36. Contribute it to others’ product offerings as a bonus.
  37. Give a potential joint venture partner a positive impression.
  38. Use ebook as an opportunity to ask readers and existing customers for testimonials.
  39. Write an ebook first because you don't need special software to create one anymore.
  40. Use your ebook to graduate to a more prestigous publishing project, like a print book.

Don't put it off any longer. Join the Information Revolution now before it's over. Remember it's easier than you think. Choose one of the thirty reasons above and create your very own ebook. Make it different. Make it count. Make it yours.

Ready to take the plunge and create an ebook? Visit our new resource site:

About Earma Brown

Earma Brown, 12 Book Authorpreneur, Book CoachEarma Brown, known by many as the Book Coach, “teaches experts and professioals who are impacting the world how to uplevel their message and mission with a saleable book.” Using her signature book 'Write Your Best Book Now' and writing course '100 Days To A Book', she is practicing what she preaches. She enjoys reading novels, writing books and collecting movies especially girlie movies...More Articles From Earma Brown


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