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How To Make Your Book Dream Come True!
by: Earma Brown

How To Make Your Book Dream Come True Today!

Are you persuaded you can write your book this year? If so, great! If not, no worries; most of us weren't in the beginning. The truth is we start anyway, doubting ourselves and sometimes even doubting our ability to make it to the finish line. I have good news! There's a better way. If not already, pull out your natural gift of imagination and daydreaming. Use the power of mental rehearsal or daydreaming. In simple terms, mental rehearsal is using the mind to see that which we want to achieve. By metally rehearsing the things we want we can actually get them.

For example, it's a known fact many athletes use mental rehearsal to prepare for an event (guided by a coach, or self-guided). You’ve seen this, in the Olympics: a track runner mentally rehearsing the run, or a skater visualizing a perfect jump combination. But wait! Mental rehearsal is not for athletes only. We've all mentally rehearsed for something: preparing for a talk, imagining each dish for the birthday dinner before we even pick up a sauce pan, rehearsing how we’re going to ask our fiance' to marry us…

Mental rehearsal means picturing your desired end result. You ‘see’ it, 'hear' it, and 'feel' it in as much detail as you can muster before you take action on it. So, the key to mental rehearsal is to create a mindset that you already have that which you are trying to achieve. When the mind thinks that you already have achieved your goal it is more apt to do that very thing you are imagining. Start by thinking about what you are trying to achieve.

For example, as an aspiring author when you feel, hear and/or see your book already created through specific actions you'll actually complete it easier and faster. You'll find it's way easier to see specific outcomes as true when imagining them as they already are true. Go ahead, give it a try, see your book dream as true.

Imagine your book already finished. Think about the benefits you've gained. You know the added respect from your colleagues, the added income to help pay the bills or fund your next vacation. Picture your customers writing in about how much your book has helped them. Hear them telling all their friends about your well-written helpful book. Imagine how excited you feel about finally fulfilling your dream of writing a book. Did you dream the bigger dream? Great! It can happen; you've already seen it.


As you start rehearsing you'll find your (already-true) outcomes much easier to visualize and rehearse. For instance, “I see myself excited and checking my bank account for direct deoposited book sales!” is way more exciting and believable than “I will get excited about direct deposited book sales from my book when it's completed.” It’s easier to look back on what led to your book's success than look ahead on the road to success crowded with doubts about whether you'll make it or not.

Here's an example of some concrete outcomes to start mentally rehearsing. On a piece of paper or on your computer, write phrases like the ones below.

Now that my book (insert your book's name) is finished:

1. I SEE my book's website or blog attracting 3000 visitors a month with $1000 sales per month and growing.

2. I HEAR my readers', workshop and seminar participants’ applause through passionate testimonials that recommend my services and what I offer in my book.

3. I FEEL grateful and fulfilled that I'm on such a journey, enjoying my work, getting paid good and helping others achieve their dreams.

Now, you can rehearse your own book dream

Rehearse your dream as above, then release it. Read it each day in the morning and in the evening before you go to sleep. Doing so, will help broadcast your desire bringing to you the help you need – resources, support, instructors, mentors, coaches, connections, skills, even money!

1. Begin now to pursue your book dream with intention using all your heart, passion, energy, and focus. Remember intention attracts action.

2. Move your book up on the priority list. Put only the most important in the top three spots. Let me be clear, if you don't put your book project in one of the top three slots, it may not get done this year. So, put your book dream back on the top. You owe it to yourself to achieve your dreams.

3. Focus on your project. Prioritize and put your time, energy, money, research, and practice into completing your book. If you have to, (I did; many more do) get up two hours earlier or stay up an hour later three to four days a week to accomplish the things high on your priority list. To shorten your learning curve, signup for a course, join a writing group with same purpose, or hire an expert book coach. I can promise you whatever you invest into your professional book will pay you back.

Don't delay any longer. Do you see it yet? Do you see your book completed? You can do it, you know. Take my advice above and use the easy steps I outlined to start visualizing your book's success. I used it for writing, completing and eventually publishing my latest twelve books. Get started today in making your book dream come true. From your book writing coach, best wishes for your book's success!

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